By Bruce Lockhart 2nd & Suzie Lockhart

So two demon brothers entered our world,
Breaking out of Hell’s fiery embrace
With crimson fingers withered and gnarled,
They desired a different sort of taste.
A certain human they sought out
A normal, yet pudgy man at one’s first sight
Carrying quite a bit of guilt’s self-reproach,
Ah, they knew he would be just right
A special seed of evil
Would cause his skin to flake.
Barry Adams awoke with an ache in his head,
The demons laughed as their poison slowly spread.
He took off work, becoming obsessed with the all consuming dust.
It would take three moons for the end, seasoning was a must.
Quite a tricky challenge they had to admit,
To get the human’s flesh, all of it.
He slipped into insanity by the second night
His compulsion to clean gave his wife quite a fright
They licked their lips, for one more night would be the moon of thrice
A long awaited meal, both savory and nice
The man lay huddled in a corner of his house, battered, broken and lost.
For he knew the only option to win this battle came with quite a heavy cost.
He took the biggest knife available, and began to peel a suit of flesh
Digging down to the bone, a disgusting, horrid, bloody mess.
He knew then and there it had always been his body that betrayed his trust,
The demons waited anxiously as Barry Adams carved away his skin, finally ridding himself of the source of his dust.

- - -
We're a mother/son writing duo, Horror mostly.
We have a SS collection out entitled Adventures In Horroland.
We're also the editors for NightmareStalkers & DreamWalkers Vol 1-2

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